Our Story

Established in 1928 by a group of swimming enthusiasts and dedicated trainers, the Club had a simple but noble aim of promoting swimming, water polo and life-saving in catering to the needs of the local communities.
Since its inception, CSC has nurtured countless sporting talents, many of whom had opportunities to represent Malaysia on the international sporting front. We cherish the heritage of Chinese Swimming Club, Penang. From the infamous salt water pool, the dedicated coaches and the friendly smiles of staff members, this facility had been the place where many Penangites first learnt how to swim. This is also where the spirit of healthy sportsmanship was first instilled amongst us.
Through the spirit, determination and courage of the founding members who unselfishly gave their effort, time and resources, Chinese Swimming Club, Penang established itself till today.

Our Mission

  • Aim to enhance the health and sports fitness level of our member and community.
  • Providing innovative health and fitness services through coaching, training and exercising in a supportive and progressive environment.
  • Enhance the lifestyle of our members by providing a one-stop sporting and entertainment complex

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as the leading Club in promoting aquatic-sporting excellence and to be the central healthy-lifestyle hub.